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Subscriber growth mom by leveraging world class retention strategies

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increase in shopify revenue yoy through full funnel best practices

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Reduction in CAC through brand positioning and PMF improvements

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of total revenue driven by email & sms

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Increase in profitable ad spend through media buying & creative strategy

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Customers in the first 3 months of launch

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“Fat Earth took our brand guidelines and created the launchpad for Graza to meet the world—art direction, brand strategy, copywriting and design all came together in emails and paid ads that not only looked incredible, they performed. Fat Earth has allowed us to scale our business at an incredible rate, matching our marketing to our business growth every step of the way.”

Andrew Benin
Andrew Benin
CEO & Co-Founder at Graza

“I was introduced to Fat Earth by another founder, and immediately knew they'd be a perfect fit.
Their growth marketing expertise enabled us to reach the highest level of scale that we'd experienced throughout the course of 7 years, and the team was honest, creative, hardworking, and smart. Fat Earth felt more like an extension of our team than an agency.”

James Hagen
James Hagen
CEO & Co-Founder at Boka

“The data and insights the Fat Earth team shared with us gave us complete clarity into what was working and a strategic advantage to continue to scale without losing efficiency at a rapid pace.
They deeply understand creative in a way that others don't, and that makes them my absolute dream partner. If you don't have them on your extended team, trust me, you're leaving money on the table.”

Alyse Borkan
Alyse Borkan
Brand Advisor at Our Place

What we do

Fat Earth is a creative performance marketing agency. Brand stewardship and creative excellence are core to what we do, and we believe lowest-common-denominator ads and emails don’t win in the long run. We tackle growth holistically from the strategic to the aesthetic.

  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Creative Strategy
  • Landing Pages
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Direct Mail

Who we
work with

We work with D2C, B2B, and everything in between. Our past and current Clients range from pre-launch through mid-stage across a range of industries including CPG, tech, apparel, insurance, hospitality, and finance.

Holistic strategies,
real results


Subscriber growth month over month

To ensure a profitable paid media launch, Fat Earth built a world-class Lifecycle Marketing Strategy paired with an effective Facebook advertising strategy. To take advantage of Graza’s unique form factor and tone of voice, Fat Earth media leaned in heavily to their creative expertise. We deployed our Performance Creative Roadmapping process to ensure our ads hit hard immediately, and designed some of the highest-performing Lifecycle content to date. On top of all this, we leveraged cutting-edge subscription marketing tactics to amplify every purchase.

A hand holding salad tongs and making a salad. In the background you can Graza food products.

Increase in Shopify Revenue YoY

When Fat Earth took over the Éterne Facebook account, we found that the previous agency’s strategy was being highly controlled by upper management at Éterne and did not follow any best practices for driving sales. We spoke candidly with the team about this and earned their trust to take a purchase optimized approach to our strategy as opposed to the upper funnel approach they were running previously. On top of this, we made extremely impactful creative recommendations based on direct response best practices. This changed the game for Éterne just in time for Q4 which ended up being their strongest quarter ever since their launch in 2020.

 female model posing in a chair with the Eterne logo in the middle of the photo.

Reduction in CAC

Through rigorous testing, Fat Earth set out to discover who Greater Than’s customers really were. With thoughtfully developed audience and demographic targeting, we found a cohort of customers who not only enjoyed the product, but embraced the brand into their community.
We then leaned fully into these learnings with appropriate creative and messaging.

Greater Than Sports Drinks on a refrigerator shelf. The company logo is overlayed in the middle of the photo.

of total revenue driven by email & sms

We implemented a campaign strategy that was hyper-personalized, implementing emails that were created for specific audience cohorts, to make the customer feel like they have a 1:1 relationship with the brand. Highlighting items that subscribers had an affinity towards based on tracked site activity, rewards points, subscriptions, and purchases.

A bag of "Laird Superfood" instant latte powder. In the background you see a person with a spoon full of powder, placing it into a cup.

subscriber list growth

Fat Earth partnered with a best-in-class text messaging platform and focused first on building essential automations. This set the stage for a smooth customer journey before the text message marketing program was launched, and also provided a base structure for recurring revenue for Back to the Roots once new subscribers started rolling in.
Text message campaigns were layered into the monthly content calendar, with a focus on highlighting singular products in a pre-filled cart to differentiate this channel from Back to the Roots’ email campaigns.

We see a hand picking vegetables from a pot and making a salad. The Back to the Roots logo is overlayed in the center.

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